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The food was nice and enjoyable, and the restaurant looked fantastic. The service on this occasion could have been a little more attentive, but overall, we had a good time


I was recently invited down to this Soho restaurant to try out the the atmosphere and food that brings a taste of Italy to London. So who was i to turn down this opportunity.

40 Dean Street isn’t a new restaurant and so its longevity is because of its reputation of its food at affordable prices. For almost twenty years it has done this proudly and successfully offering customers the best in fresh and seasonal produce.


The first thing i was struck with when i arrived was the decor, the restaurant looks great. Fresh and Sleek with tables out front for those wishing to dine outside, pull back doors opened up the front and so let the restaurant let in the fresh air whilst the hot weather beamed down upon us. A lovely decorated bar at the back of the restaurant also took my eye.

40 Dean Street offers Two menus that were available. The Set menu and the Regular. Priced at 2 x courses £14.90 and 3 x courses £16.90,  the set menu made for a persuasive argument to go with this at a very reasonable price on offer however i decided to go with the regular.

Split into sections Starter, Pizza, Salad, Pasta/Risotto, Oven/Grill, Sides and Dessert.

A good offering of Starters to choose from myself and my wife went for Bruschetta with San Marzino tomatoes and fresh pesto whilst i settled with the Pan-fried tiger prawns with shellfish and brandy sauce. I love prawns and these Tiger prawns were huge. Getting four in my dish was a decent amount too. The shellfish and brandy sauce gave it a really nice taste also.

For mains  – the choice may be seen as not huge, for instance only 3 pizzas are available as are the same for Salads from their respective categories. Whilst the Pasta and Oven/Grill options are between 6-8 options. So if you are set in your ways and only eat certain things you may not have all the choice you wish for however overall the restaurant does a little bit of everything. With a menu such as this whilst some may find it limiting i look at it that you get to concentrate on those items that you do offer and therefore offer the best quality  on those being offered. Why be a jack of all trades when you can be a master in a few.

So i decided on the  Chicken milanese with spaghetti pomodoro as i was in an Italian restaurant, i normally always eat steak at restaurants so went out of my comfort zone for tonight although chicken and spaghetti may sound standard to some. The portion came out and well, i’m not sure where they got the chicken from but the portion was huge, complimented by the spaghetti placed on top hiding it until i pulled it across with my fork. A tasty dish indeed and a taste as fresh as they aspire to offer.

The wife decided on a Goat’s cheese with beetroot served with a walnut and pear salad. Asking what dressing was accompanying it she was told a ‘nice’ mustard dressing. Again the portion more than big enough done the job, presented nicely and tastily inviting. Sadly on my wifes taste the mustard on this occasion overpowered the salad and so made it slightly less enjoyable for her than she hoped. Again taste is subjective so may be nice for a lot of you just not my wife. Courgette Chips were had as a side and as the first time either of us had them were pleasantly surprised at how nice they were.

Desserts are handmade and as ever a great way to finish a meal. Vanilla panna cotta with mixed berries compote and Salted caramel cheesecake with pistachio ice cream were the finishing choices. Again tasty and well presented a nice way to finish the evening.

For me the meal was an enjoyable one but food plays about three quarters of the experience for me and service is the final quarter that will tip the edge of it being a nice meal or a fantastic meal. Sadly as nice as the restaurant looks and as nice as the food is, i felt the service on this visit let it down slightly. Whilst not bad i may add, just didn’t go above or beyond for me. It was all small things that could easily be fixed but its that attention to detail and thought that makes the difference. It must be doing something right though, as it has a firm following of customers who have been dining there for years as demonstrated as they served up some espressos to a couple of customers nearby and mentioning to a third that he normally has one and questioned why not this time to which he replied ‘only when i’m eating’ in what looked a very familiar manner.

The food was nice and enjoyable, and the restaurant looked fantastic. The service on this occasion could have been a little more attentive, but overall, we had a good time

Thanks for reading,

Aaron Whittington

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