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This band of misfits can only be found in the Little Death Club and is now a place i certainly want membership too. This is definitely where all the Punks, Freaks & Weirdos can come out to play.

Bernie Dieters Little Death Club Review – Underbelly Festival Southbank

Little Death Club Review – ‘Where all the Punks, Freaks & Weirdos can come out to play’

#PressTicketsGifted On Saturday i was able to attend my first event at Underbelly Festival for my Little Death Club review. This festival brings together a great collection of artists from circus, cabaret, comedy and acrobatics and more to two stages across the months of April to September. Shows are roughly an hour or so long and  I attended last year for the first time and saw some amazing acts that i wouldn’t of seen otherwise and last night was no different.

The name Little Death Club isn’t something that naturally would peak my interest however after reading the reviews i was actually intrigued about the show, so off i went. The Spiegletent was the venue for this one and i had chosen the early showing of two. I took my seat centre of the stage back row immersing myself into now what i was to imagine as the ‘Little Death Club’ for a night of Kabarett.

The leader or dominatrix of this band of misfits was Bernie Dieter self named Mistress of Chaos whose message for the night was to celebrate intimacy and that being different is something to be celebrated not ridiculed.

Bernie wanted us to get kinky with her and lucky for some in the front rows who got some interactive participation  they were certainly encouraged too with a little stroking and then all of whom then all ended up carrying her to the stage like a greek goddess, sadly for her without the same grace. Bernie brought some great humour throughout the show she entertained and linked fantastically through introducing each act.

She brought  the debauchery to the party and excelled in compering this show, bringing her own comedic skills as well as providing the great vocals for some very interesting songs. Be careful what you send to her on facebook though, as it might just end up in the show as it did tonight.

We then saw Beau Sargant a master of Aerial and Contortion, seeing him bend his limbs in directions i certainly cannot. Wearing nothing but sparkling pants dressed more for a sex party than anything he performed across the stage displaying some fantastic moves of both grace, unnatural movement and pure strength The latter also being displayed in his aerial display was great to see.

Kabarett brings us variety and so we also got comedy and a Bearded Lady. Comedy was brought to us in two forms – Josh Glanc as Le Mime Tipi, The mime artist who lost his love of the art he performs. Hilariously giving us his takes on classics such as the man in a box, pull the rope and rose giving antics we are so use to seeing.

Also bringing the funny was our Multi Award Winning Myra Dubois  -The Siren of Yorkshire, or next to say as seen on tv award winning..Myra brought us laughs and a great rendition of an all time classic straight from the heartland of Yorkshire! Proving despite the UK result in Eurovision we do have some talent!

If by now i hadn’t been impressed with the acrobatic talent and laughs given i then witnessed Fancy Chance -The hair Hanging Dynamo. Yes thats exactly what it says in the description. Fancy Chance is one of the few remaining artists that practice this art of hair hanging. Quite literally we have an aerial rope attached to her bob and up she goes hanging and swinging  in the air, kept together with he strength of her bob! This is truly something i’ve never seen before and is very impressive.

If i wasn’t hot enough already… Kitty Bang Bang came out and made two appearances through the show. One as the bearded lady… you will have to come see the show to see this part and secondly as the whiskey soaked fire wielding seductress. She displays fire eating skills, teasing flames and manipulating them to her will, this is a fire act as good as any.

This band of misfits can only be found in the Little Death Club and is now a place i certainly want membership too. This is definitely where all the Punks, Freaks & Weirdos can come out to play.

For more info or to book Little Death Club please visit http://www.underbellyfestival.com/whats-on/little-death-club

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