Craft Gin Club serves up some gin-spiration for the British public this summer

  • Discovering what’s hot on the gin agenda this summer, Craft Gin Club speaks to 600,000 gin enthusiasts
  • Top garnish for a G&T? It’s currently lemon, but this summer, gin enthusiasts want to experiment more
  • We’re so confident mixing up G&Ts, 74% reveal they can make a better one at home than the local bar
  • Now we’re cooking with gin – gin enthusiasts will be experimenting with gin as an ingredient in their summer recipes

With summer and peak gin season fast approaching; the experts at Craft Gin Club have released research from 600,000 gin-lovers across the UK, showing just how devoted we are to Britain’s most popular spirit.

With 66% of the nation revealing they have five or more bottles of gin at home, the gin boom shows no signs of stopping this summer. Jon Hulme, co-founder of Craft Gin Club, said: “Gin fans are fast becoming connoisseurs with a vast knowledge and confidence in their ability to choose and serve the perfect G&T. Our members are so creative and open-minded when it comes to our monthly recommendations, it’s amazing to see them recreating different cocktails with each box.”

The company has recently seen a huge surge in new signups, bringing them to a grand total of 52k members in time for the summer months. “It is such a key season for at-home drinking,” continued Jon.  “The sustained enthusiasm we see from our members makes it clear that gin is still top of the menu for a large proportion of UK consumers.””

A nation of taste makers

With 74% of the nation revealing they can create the perfect G&T at home, the explosion of new flavours and appetite for more experimentation is on the up this year. Craft Gin Club data shows that, whilst there’s competition for the humble lemon, this summer the UK will move towards a wedge of pink grapefruit (38%) as their preferred garnish.  Just less than half of the survey participants (46%) said lemon, lime or cucumber still make up their favourite garnishes, with 91% of gin drinkers revealing they love to spend time experimenting with less obvious garnish choices.


Top 10 experimental garnish flavours set to be hot this summer:

  1. Mint
  2. Rhubarb
  3. Foraged berries
  4. Cinnamon sticks
  5. Fresh chilli
  6. Popping candy
  7. Dried banana slices
  8. Coffee crust
  9. Activated charcoal powder
  10. Cherry tomatoes


Summer Style Gin

With the trend for experimental serves filtering down from top mixologists to people’s homes, Craft Gin Club has devised the perfect summer gin serve: Gluggle Jug Punch.  For the month of June, Craft Gin Club members will receive a bottle of Gluggle Jug Gin, crafted in collaboration with craft distiller Nelson’s Gin and Wade Ceramics.  Members will receive all the necessary ingredients to create the Gluggle Jug Punch, including a special Strawberry & Basil Summer Cup syrup, which the club has developed in partnership with Sunday Brunch regular and World of Zing founder Pritesh Mody.

Clementine Beach, Craft Gin Club’s resident gin expert said: “Gin has always been a perfect canvas for innovative flavours and exciting new drinks. As distillers have become more experimental with their recipe creation and methods of distillation, so have the drinkers. Even a ‘classic’ G&T now comes with a multitude of choice and variety. We wanted to create a cocktail that captures the essence of the British summertime, tapping into innovative flavours and garnishes that create the ultimate gin serve.”

Gluggle Jug Punch

Ingredients (serves 4)

150ml London Dry Gin

50ml Summer Cup syrup (available to repurchase on Craft Gin Club’s members store launching later this month)

Lemonade to top up

Fresh fruit – strawberries, oranges, cucumber and mint

Cubed ice


Add ice to a punch bowl (or a gluggle jug if you’re feeling fancy). Pour over the gin and summer cup syrup. Top up with lemonade and garnish with chopped fruit.

The perfect ratio for a gin and tonic 

The nation’s gin aficionados have also spoken on the controversial subject of “the perfect G&T”. According to over 45,000 Craft Gin Club members, the formula for the perfect serve is:

  • 1 balloon glass – Over 8/10 (82%) opt for a balloon glass over any other glassware
  • 1 third gin, 2 thirds tonic – Although almost 10% prefer a 50:50 ratio
  • 1 slice of lime to garnish – Lime came out trumps as the top garnish choice with grapefruit coming in close second. The majority prefer to freeze garnishes before adding it to their G&T. Gin drinkers prefer not to squeeze or twist their garnish but simply add into their glass
  • 4 ice cubes – Over 1/2 (53%) said 4 ice cubes is the perfect amount
  • 4 stirs to provide the ultimate chilled G&T


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