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Eleanor is a natural comedian, and has a fantastic ability to be on your level and talks about the things many of us are too shy to  talk about.

ELEANOR CONWAY – Walk of Shame 2 Tour Review

On Thursday Night I was invited down to see Comedian Eleanor Conway at the Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch.

Starting a little late as we waited for a last few stragglers to appear, the atmosphere was relaxed as Eleanor apologised and made sure we didn’t mind the little extra wait and encouraged us to get another drink or to go to the toilet before it all started. Audience members mingling with each other finding out for what reasons we were here to see Conway tonight.

So the time came and with a self introduction from behind the DJ stand, Eleanor gave herself her own musical intro and then came running around onto her spot. Shouting out checking to see how were tonight.

Eleanor wanted to find out who was here and so probed the front rows to see who came with each other, if they’d been to see her before, how far we had come and how we got our tickets. This spread to the second row where i thought i might have been safe but no..We had a micture of friends, The sober crew and men coming by themselves (myself included) .

Eleanor probed us but didn’t make it awkward for us like some comedians may do when they pick subjects from an audience. She did politely and in jest encourage one guy to save the photo taking for after the show.

We had a brief revision of her walk of shame tour – which honestly having never seen Eleanor before sounded like a life lived that came from a movie screen! A global traveller as a music journalist, working for triads (wtf?) and enjoyed the revelation that was Tinder. She partied hard with drink and drugs living the life of what some may say was a rock star.

Now enjoying sober life we find that Eleanor has a friend that encourages or shames her in situations. One friend that had been there all along… Jenny. From stained sofas, to Australian hunks, to making best friends in toilets and losing them as quickly Eleanor made us laugh out loud.

The show is relatable and Eleanor knows that in some ways we have all experienced this in different forms hence why the audience are so receptive. Conway is not shy and so if a little swearing upsets you or honest talk isn’t your thing then this may not be for you, but then you’d be a prude. Even as a male in the audience i was left in laughter if not at the the situations she managed to get herself in but just learning about how she was thinking in these moments was enough for me!

Eleanor is a natural comedian, and has a fantastic ability to be on your level and talks about the things many of us are too shy to  talk about. Mostly because she probably already been there and done that and is happy to share her experiences. While Eleanor has travelled the breadth of Austraila and the UK i feel a lot of people are missing out on her natural whit and really needs the bigger audience that she deserves, but until then and for now you can be the lucky ones that have seen her!

We have now had two walk of shames which i believe will be her last but do we ever learn really? I’m sure she will amuse us with a few more stories of compromising  moments in her forthcoming life in her next show whatever it may be called. The sober life can be just as exciting and proves you don’t have to have a drink to have fun as we found out tonight!

My only disappointment was that it ran just short of an hour, which was too quick for me – i could of honestly stayed and listened to Eleanor Conway all night. I can just imagine that she is one of those friends that always has a story to tell when in conversation that you listen to in awe or amazement.

Eleanor Conway has her last night at Trapeze Bar tonight and if you fancy a great start to the night with laughs aloud then get down there tonight and then heads of to Scotland next week.


Thanks for reading,

Aaron Whittington

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