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i believe we may have been mislead however being unable to explain it left me to leave the show wondering how..Was it Chance? Odds? Manipulation or real psychic ability?

THE PSYCHIC PROJECT Review- Vaults Waterloo

Chance? Odds? Manipulation or real Psychic Ability?

The Psychic Project is a mind-reading show based on the true story of America’s psychic spying programme from the Cold War. It tells the story of the programme and attempts the CIA’s experiments, seeing if the audience can achieve the same results; i.e. whether the audience can become psychic spies.

David Narayan is a magician and mind reader. His niche is that he performs powerful mind reading effects in which the audience does the mind reading and so through the psychcic project we get to see this in its fullest.

The show’s based on the true story of the CIA’s psychic spy research, which ran from 1972 to 1995 – it was mostly done by a contract research company called SRI (Stanford Research Institute).

The Americans heard that the Russians were conducting research into mind control – apparently the Russians had developed a machine that you could plug five psychics into.  It had an antenna which would would focus a beam of psychic energy and, if a fly flew into the beam, it would drop down dead.

So the CIA started doing research of their own, recruiting civilians to train as psychic spies.  They developed various techniques to hone the skills of this team, to make the team useful for actual military operations.

In this show we see this demonstrated with audience members throughout the night. Narayan does very little himself except encourage people to focus and concentrate, and in that is the beauty of the show.

Narayan takes this research and tests that were actually applied and simply re enacts them on stage. Using the randomness of throwing a paper ball into the audience or a random pick out from the audience.

Prior to the show i happened to be talking to a lady who turned out to be called Charlotte who hadn’t known too much about the show prior and in the end was one of the stars in it in that she displayed this psychic ability that the tests were designed for. Although not always perfect she was freakishly close and had you thinking could this be real or simply chance?

With various audience members participating, i witnessed repeated feats of this apparent ability. When the chosen ones did get it wrong they were told to really focus their mind, and for the second attempt there it was a match or correct answer.

I am not going to say much about this show in terms of what tests you witness as it is great to see in person, however the remote viewing section had me intrigued, the head and tails splitting of the audience until one member was left only for David Narayan to predict his fear correctly. Other tests also left bewilderment or amazement for me.

The finale also was tense and had the audience on edge. This apparent free choice from the audience members could have had serious consequences otherwise.

I have been a fan of another magician – Derren Brown for years and so was trying to be sceptical in that i believe we may have been mislead however being unable to explain it left me to leave the show wondering how..Was it Chance? Odds? Manipulation or real psychic ability? Was David guiding us with phrases or imagery? i didn’t see it..and the research shows that there were cases where indeed this worked in a real life situation.

A fantastic show to see and will leave you wondering how for sure. I cant explain it, so please if you can let me know!


12th – 15th June 2019
19th – 22nd June 2019

General Admission: £20
Concessions: £16
Prices exclude Booking Fees


For Access Tickets please call 02074019603
Recommended for ages 14+ due to dark themes
Entrance to THE PSYCHIC PROJECT is via our Launcelot Street entrance

Read an interview about the show with David Nayaran here

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