Final Verdict

In terms of performance this was a great show that kept us entertained throughout and equally impressed with each of the performers individually and as a collective


Underbelly Festival Southbank

On Friday i was in attendance for press night of the show Transit at the Underbelly Festival on London’s Southbank. Transit is the latest show from circus group Flip Fabrique.

Flip Fabrique look to take a fresh take on contemporary circus, they seek to have fun and to move an audience. They aim to translate from life to life, heart to the heart and the body to body. With over 850 performances to their credit, in more than 15 countries and 150 Cities with shows as Attrape-Moi, Flip and this one Transit.

Transit is about the life in a troupe, friendship and the pleasure of sharing moments together. To look forward and think if this was your last show what would you do.

Well by the end of this one we find out. This troupe do not necessarily look like your conventional group. The lads big and burly in size and not the typical slim, toned physique you may expect. Yet graceful in movement.

From the start we see this small troupe make their way off the plane in this stage set comprising of what i would describe as cargo luggage holders, interlinking cleverly to pull out and push in when necessary.

We are introduced to the crew via an over the microphone announcement to welcome them to the Air Canada flight and subsequent delays. However being skilled performers luckily are able to entertain to pass the time away.

Jade Dussault is the only female in the troupe, petite in size we see some graceful acrobatics and skills of balance but she really comes into her own when you see her on the hula hoops. Jade is able to manipulate the hoops to her will, regardless if it is one, two, four or six. She is able to command these to wherever she needs to at her wish which creates some fabulous visuals. Her performance throughout is great and leads this bunch of mischievous men throughout the show from scene to scene keeping all of them in check.

We see some fantastic free acrobatic routines throughout the show from what may be simple yet effective moves as they jumped, pulled, stood across and even started jumping through hoops backwards..

The standout moment for me was seeing Jeremie Arsenault on the Diabolo. NEVER EVER have i seen this circus skill shown to such an expertise.

If Jade Dussault could manipulate hoops at her wish then Jeremie easily commanded the Diabolo to his instruction like a Derren Brown mark. I saw moves displayed that i couldn’t have imagined, Twists, Throws, Spins and Rolls at such an expert level i was insane with laughter in utter disbelief.

The show continued with good humour throughout and moved at a good pace. Always displaying some circus skill more often mixed with humour.

The first two thirds of this show were all free acrobatics and moved onto more traditional skills such as the Aerial Straps, Juggling and Aerial Hoop – all mightily impressive i shall add. A nice ensemble performance came in the way of the Trampo-Wall before the end of the show. Again an impressive display of anti gravity and skill.

In terms of performance this was a great show that kept us entertained throughout and equally impressed with each of the performers individually and as a collective.

Not every move they tried came off and was noticeable to see however for me added to the performance and relationship the troupe create with the audience. They will have more polished performances no doubt over the life of the show. However if you accept and understand just what they are attempting to do then even the effort is commendable enough.

I haven’t even mentioned everyone in this troupe but i urge you to see it for yourself for a great hour of entertainment and would love to see Flip Fabrique in a longer show of their own. TRANSIT is a definite must for you and the family if you are heading to Underbelly this summer.


Presented by: Underbelly & Flip Fabrique
Price: Tickets from £21.00
(includes £1.50 in fees per ticket)
Venue: Underbelly Festival Southbank
Duration: 60 minutes
Advice: Recommended for ages 6+.

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