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At 35 metres high, 225 metres Long, and at speeds of up to 50 km/h, this again was a go to activity for me and despite my fear of heights will be back. You wont get another opportunity in the centre of London to do something like this!


The biggest, fastest city-centre zip wire in the world!

I was invited down to Zip Now London this week to try out this adrenaline packed activity back for its third year in London. This was in fact my second visit after my debut try out last year so was excited to come back and do it again.

Being scared of heights last year i did not know what to expect or anticipate however i got up the tower and zipped down that line after the nerves settled.. so this year i was prepared. I knew what to expect, i knew the feeling afterwards of not only accomplishment personally but the pure adrenaline and excitement that i experienced once completed. I zipped and then completed the mega drop so now was going to boss it like i was tom cruise in a Mission Impossible Movie.

This year i brought my friend Martin also too was scared of heights.. gluttons for punishment maybe..we arrived at Archbishops park and already in flow were zippers going down the line and others preparing.

Welcomed in, we were asked to sign our waivers and enter all relevant information. Once completed we were weighed to ensure we were within restrictions and given a wristband. Waiting a moment we were asked to enter and watch a short safety video explaining what was about to happen to us and how to complete this safely. Personal belongings locked away in the lockers provided and a bag provided to hook on if you want to take your phone up with you to take photos on the tower.


We then stepped into the kit area of which we got fitted with our harness, the Zip Now London staff are friendly and helpful made sure that we were comfortably set up and safe. That was it – time to Zip…

Still feeling pretty confident we made our way to the start tower. 35 metres high or the equivalent of nine double decker buses we walked up all the stairs that went with it.  By the time i was at the top it was too much effort to think about not doing it there was just one way down for me!

So after a short wait the Zip Now London Team hooked my harness up to the line and independently had it double checked by two members of staff, and set me on my part of the platform. Now my legs started to wobble a little and as much as i thought i was prepared suddenly i wasn’t!

The worst bit about this experience for those that may be a little nervous are the free standing steps, now im not trying to put anyone off as it is totally safe, and i know that. But fear takes over sometimes and hesitancy kicks in.. however the further you walk down these steps the better it actually is for you to take off!

Go!!! was shouted and my legs never moved, my fear of heights had me, but after completing it last year, i was not going to back out this time so after huge encouragement from the team i finally managed to lift my legs and that was it! Fun, Adrenaline and Excitement took over and all the fears i had disappeared. Within seconds i was enjoying this just as much as i did last year. Pulled in at the other end it was all over. I had done it again and that sense of accomplishment kicked in. Now if you are an adrenaline junkie or do not have a fear of heights then i’m sure you will just own this and enjoy the sights you get to see also whilst zipping down the line.



This year i bottled the Mega Drop an additional extra that you can undertake where you freely step off a ledge and fall. However in hindsight should have done it. If you are here you may as well do it all!

Today it was spitting rain, but the Zip Now London Team regardless of weather are all about safety from start to finish and will ensure you are safe to zip no matter what the weather.

So at 35 metres high, 225 metres Long, and at speeds of up to 50 km/h, this again was a go to activity for me and despite my fear of heights will be back. You wont get another opportunity in the centre of London to do something like this!

To mark its return, Zip Now London is offering early bird tickets for £27 to this exciting central London activity, which is suitable for friends, families, birthday parties and group events.

Just a few minutes from the London Eye and located in Archbishop’s Park, Zip Now London will be bigger than ever with a new fourth parallel line, meaning even more people can experience the thrill of flying at speeds of up to 50kph across the London skyline in pairs, trios or groups of four.

Over 75,000 customers have ridden the zip wire and once again riders will launch from a 35-metre high tower, travelling 225 metres with a stunning backdrop including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Gherkin, Lambeth Palace and The Shard.

Riders will also be able to complete their flight in true adventure-junkie style with the option to add on a free-fall Mega Drop.

Barry Shaverin, Zip Now CEO said: “Zip Now London is back and better than ever offering a huge rush of adrenaline without needing to leave zone one. This year, we’ve added a fourth line to meet the huge customer demand for people to fly in groups with their friends, families and colleagues.”

Zip Now London will be open daily from 12th June until 15th September 2019 with the following opening hours:

Monday to Friday 11.30 to 19.30

Saturday 9.00 to 19.30

Sunday 9.00 to 17.00

To book now visit –


Zip Now London offers complimentary rides for carers, guides and mobility or sight assistants and specific time slots can be ring-fenced for exclusive use of those who may require more time to complete the experience. This can include people with learning disabilities, autism, and both hearing and sight impediments.


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